Boom Supersonic, the new Concorde

The American company Boom says that in about 5 years will have ready the first units of a new commercial aircraft capable of covering the nearly 5,600 kilometers that separate both cities in record time.
This is the Boom Supersonic, a prototype passenger aircraft that could complete its first test flight in late 2018.

Boom Supersonic

Designed by a group of aeronautical engineers and American astronauts, the Boom Supersonic aims to occupy the gap left by the Concorde when it was withdrawn from commercial aviation in 2003.

A few weeks ago, Boom founder and CEO Blake Scholl told the International Aeronautics and Space Show in Paris that the XB-1 (technical name of the test aircraft) design has passed the performance tests and Necessary to start production.

Although it looks a lot like the Concorde, the Supersonic Boom has several quirks. The first are its wings, which arise from underneath the cabin and occupy practically the two sides of the plane. Another is its engine. And, unlike the extremely loud and inefficient jet engine the Concorde was driving, the Supersonic “uses a modern turbofan engine like Boeing and Airbus, which is quieter and considerably more efficient,” Scholl told the BBC.

Another weakness of its predecessor was its high operational cost. To avoid the lack of profitability that, among other reasons, forced the withdrawal of the Concorde commercial aviation, Boom ensures that airlines that buy the Supersonic can sell tickets at the current price of business class. That’s about $ 5,000 for a return flight between London and New York, a third of what the Concorde tickets cost.

There seems to be interest in this new aircraft, with initial orders of 77 units, without specifying the buyers.

The initial design of the Boom Supersonic is an airplane for 55 passengers in class Bussiness, but that also will be marketed like personal avíon.

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