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China is very lonely

China is very lonely

China is currently the second world economy, but is suffering a new situation, economic growth reduced 6.7%, together with a public deficit of 4% and trade war with the West. The strength of any country is its economy, and the Chinese economy is a giant

Anti-dumping measures against Chinese steel and Russian

Anti-dumping measures against Chinese steel and Russian

The European Union has imposed definitive duties for five years on imports of rolled steel from China and Russia up 22.1% and 36.1%, respectively, to sell the material below the cost price production in Europe, a practice known as ‘dumping’ practice. For the first time

The economy of the European Union continues to expand

Today published data PMI ( Purchasing Managers Index ) of corresponding services sector to August in European Union. Country PMI August Spain 56 Italy 52.3 France 52.3 Germany 51.7 Great Britain 52.9 European Union 52.8   Some data from PMI above 50 indicates increase over

FED announces upcoming interest rate hikes

Janet Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve, took part in the conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole with a speech that opened the door to higher interest rates before the end of 2016. In his words, the most cited paragraph points to the recent

China is braked

China is braked. The Chinese economy slows. This is the reality. The entry into recession in China is a reality, the alleged slowdown of its economy, is a full-blown recession, rising unemployment and declining exports and imports so indicate. And in recent years its economy

Rising interest rates Rate hike by the Fed to 0.25 %

FED (Federal Reserve System) to announced a rising interest rates at 0.25 %, which is the first rise in interest rates since 2006, implies the recognition that the US economy has emerged from the crisis and you have to go removing stimulus to the economy.