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The German car played

German car in decline

The German automobile industry has formed a cartel since the 1990s, which laid the basis for the diesel crisis, according to the Spiegel weekly, published today. It could be one of the largest cartels in German economic history, involving all the major German automakers: VW,

Silver hour?

Silver hour? I think it’s time for silver. After a drop in prices from highs of 48.02 to 13.78 lows it has stabilized in the fork of 13.90 to 14.05 with what seems to have reached a minimum and, well minimum purchase is an opportunity.

CBOE Holdings 9-28-15

My second recommendation is CBOE Holdings, CBOE Holdings Inc. is a holding company whose main activity is investment in stock market. It is a medium-sized company . For the six months ended June 30, 2015 , revenues of CBOE Holdings, Inc fell by 3% to

Arcelor Mittal my first investment 09.15.2015

My first investment is Arcelor Mittal. A large company, a leading global steel production, which has seen its market value. Currently it is trading 30% above its book value. The company has been heavily penalized by the drop in sales of steel, which has led