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Tiredness in the stock exchange

Tiredness in the stock exchange

The stock exchange is a game of odds. The prices do not reflect the reality but the expectations of the future. This is not easy to internalize, but it is the key to understanding many movements, such as that market ceilings are generated before a recession,

Fundamental analysis of shares

Of all these variables that are part of fundamental analysis it is necessary to emphasize two factors. On one side are interest rates, are one of the fundamental to be considered in the analysis of financial markets and securities position, its effects on the economy

Basic Ratios of Stocks

To analyze the value of an action must analyze three basic ratios.   P/E Ratio. It is defined as market price  per share divided by annual earnings per share. Various interpretations of a particular P/E ratio are possible, and the historical table below is just indicative and

Investment Principles

No matter if you’re a novice or veteran investor. Any investor who wants to go far in bag should establish a road map to help you make the right decisions. Investor Winner this article we reveal the fundamental pillars that you must meet to make the