China is braked

China is braked. The Chinese economy slows. This is the reality. The entry into recession in China is a reality, the alleged slowdown of its economy, is a full-blown recession, rising unemployment and declining exports and imports so indicate.


And in recent years its economy has been slowing, but why? If the world economy has begun to emerge from this great crisis. I think because China wanted to play at being a superpower, as opposed to US power. But China has no allies. Just clashes with its neighbors Japan and Taiwan, US allies. Europe had steered has learned that China is not a reliable country, since that does not respect the technological secrets of the companies located there, and sometimes does not respect contracts.

China wanted to play what is not, with excessive investment in a gigantic army, while its population lives on an income of 100 eur per month. All this reminds me of the cold war against the Communist bloc that ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union and its allies.

West needs China as a consumer, but China is gradually leaving to be the world’s factory. China needs to be a reliable country and aim to improve their citizens and not wanting to be a superpower, whether to play what is not will fail.

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