China is very lonely

China is currently the second world economy, but is suffering a new situation, economic growth reduced 6.7%, together with a public deficit of 4% and trade war with the West.


The strength of any country is its economy, and the Chinese economy is a giant with feet of mud. A country with a growth of 6.7% with an increase in the deficit, which is already 4%, and a reduction of the trade balance.

China has territorial disputes with virtually all its neighbors:

  • China/India. Arunachal Pradesh;It is known by the Chinese as the Tibet of the South. In 1914 an agreement was signed but China rejected it and claims this territory as part of Tibet. The international community recognizes India.
  • China/India/Pakistan. Shaksam Valley Three countries claim the Shaksam Valley. There have been shots for this and in 2011 negotiations began to resolve the problem.
  • China/Japón/Taiwan. Senkaku/Diaoyudao Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyudao in Chinese are islands near Taiwan ceded by the US to Japan in 1968. They have now discovered oil reserves and are disputed by China, Japan and Taiwan.
  • China/Taiwan/Malasia/Filipinas/Vietnam. Spratly Islands Another small island that forms several reefs and is close to the Philippines with reserves of gas and oil. Military men from each country have occupied these islets as a claim.
  • China/Taiwan/Vietnam. Paracel Islands Are several archipelagos disputed by China Taiwan and Vietnam. In imperial times in China these islands appeared as part of China but the French Indochina annexed them. It also has oil reserves and Chinese companies are exploiting it.
  • China/Taiwan/Filipinas. Scarborough Shoal Is a small Philippine island claimed by China claiming that centuries ago it was discovered by them.
  • China/Bután. North-West Bhutan/ Chumbi Salient; There is no clear agreement between the territorial boundaries between these two countries, which is why they claim, not a specific people, but several kilometers of territory, especially in northwestern Bhutan.
  • China/Japón. Okino Torishima Is a Japanese atoll with controversy on whether it qualifies as an island or not. If so, territorial waters would be for Japan.

That is, China has disputes or conflicts with all its neighbors. With which it has few allies, and yes many countries very fearful of China, that by obligation are allies to a greater or less degree of the USA.

China’s trade wars with the European Union for steel and with the US for graphite, coupled with China’s failure to respect international patents and the continued technology robbery of the West leave China completely isolated, Suffering stronger tariffs and sanctions from Western countries.

A country that aspires to be the first world power and has conflicts with all neighboring countries and economic conflicts with all economic powers is destined to failure and economic collapse. Personally I bet China’s economic stagnation and economic collapse by the gradual reduction of exports that will cause increasingly large budget deficits, which in a period of 20 years will mean a major economic crisis and its collapse as a counter-power to the US.

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