FED announces upcoming interest rate hikes

Janet Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve, took part in the conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole with a speech that opened the door to higher interest rates before the end of 2016.


In his words, the most cited paragraph points to the recent consolidation of the economic recovery.

“In light of the continued and strong labor market performance and our prospects for economic activity and inflation , I think the argument for a rise in interest rates has strengthened in recent months”, Yellen said.

But not only the communicative orchestra Yellen Fed launched with interviews and statements of similar tone by other members of the central bank.

His “number two” Vice President Stanley Fischer, stressed in an interview on CNBC from the exclusive resort that “big data (economic) are better than they have been for some time”.

As in many post I commented to the rise in interest rates will be followed by a correction of the bags.

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