Instability in Turkey

On June 26, 2016 There was UN bombing in Turkey with 41 dead, this attack was carried out by radical Islamist ISIS. A few days later, on July 15, the UN there Attempted coup failed, but is having consequences for freedom, with mass arrests of military, police and judges, and total control of the media for the president Erdogan.


Turkey seeks to join the European Union, but its radicalization should be a major concern for Europe, since it has led the Islamist Crisis An Gates of Europe, and: Moreover, Turkey is the gateway to Europe from Asian Arabs.

Faced with a esta crisis and European, Europe shows a political weakness and Military incapable sin to react without US aid to this increase continuing problems with the Islamic world and that: Also Cada Vez are closer to Territory European Union.

The European Union must aumentar para military resources to cope with the problems of defense and security and has room in its borders, and is considering measures Germany. This expected increase in resources will involve UN European Business Growth Defence in the coming years.

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