Silver hour?

Silver hour? I think it’s time for silver. After a drop in prices from highs of 48.02 to 13.78 lows it has stabilized in the fork of 13.90 to 14.05 with what seems to have reached a minimum and, well minimum purchase is an opportunity.

silver hour

The price of silver lived up to 48.02 in March 2011 during the crisis and as the economy has left behind the worst of the crisis and the markets have grown back the values ​​of silver as a safe haven has been slumped. But I think this has come to an end , interest grow back , the bag starts to drop and the silver is at least several months.

For me the time has come for silver, entered minimum market today January 19 trades at 14, and I am confident that the value will go up from lows, I think to an environment of 18 to 20 in a year, which it is a good opportunity.

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