The crisis US North Korea causes fear in the stock markets

North Korea is moving towards its destruction as we know it today. A bestial dictatorship, which keeps its population in starvation and the shortage of all basic conditions, but which has undertaken a military career to get intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads, which seems to have now.

The crisis US North Korea causes fear in the stock markets

The US response to being threatened by this military escalation of North Korea is very correct, economic sanctions, also supported by Russia and China. The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution Wednesday that strengthens the sanctions regime against North Korea. The most relevant measures include a ban on exports of certain natural resources used by the regime to finance its nuclear program and the importation of aviation fuel. All freight traffic to and from the country will be treated as “suspicious”.

North Korea has responded with a military threat to the US and its allies which is going to provoke two things that China’s only ally does not want, military deployment in the Asia Pacific region and deployment of the missile shield. China already has problems with the US for its expansionist intentions and is already receiving economic sanctions from the West, see China is very lonely. Actually the exit to this crisis for North Korea is very complicated, without allies, in a permanent economic crisis, the communist regime could see near its end.

In response to all this the bags seem to have entered a correction, which on the other hand had to occur, the US stock market seemed to have no roof and in my opinion was overbought, what has made this crisis is to begin its correction.

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