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The future president of the United States will be Donald Trump, by surprise, or not so much? The Americans have voted for a change from the political aristocracy that is currently in place in the world.


As a citizen I will say what I want from the new president of the USA. Free trade as it is now is not the panacea of ​​economic growth of societies because today the countries that have taken advantage of free trade are China, China and China. Today China is the enemy of the West. China has lived the past 20 years of being the western factory of low-quality products, but now China wants to be the West factory of high-tech products and does not meet the rules of world trade, steals patents, copy protected products, Dumping in sectors such as steel, mobile, automobile, shipbuilding, etc. This dumping is done by subsidizing totally unviable companies and realizes them with the surpluses it has obtained from trade with the West.

The real danger to the world economy is China. And Trump must fight China with a new cold war. It is already worth stopping technology from our countries. It is already worth the world trade in favor of China. China has stolen millions of jobs in the West and we must be very tough and demanding with China. The Western bloc must impose tough economic sanctions on China. China needs us, not us to China. And we must demand fair trade with China or China will be out of the West.

I hope Trump will not hesitate to impose sanctions on the Chinese economy, and this will have a positive impact on the US. By reducing trade with China, trade with the pro-Western countries of Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and India will increase.

Let us also see the expansionist policy of China, colonialist and aggressive, mentioned in the article “”China is very lonely“”, China today is a danger to the world, we must give a lesson. This is Trump’s main challenge.

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