United Kingdom after the Brexit

The Brexit was a big surprise for almost everyone and the truth is that in these months nothing has been advanced in how it will be the divorce between the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union.

Reino Unido tras el Brexit

The truth is that the European Union has or had 3 main players: Germany, France and the United Kingdom, true world powers, and then a lot of secondary actors. The current European Union is a real bonbon for Germany that has achieved primacy over France and the United Kingdom, and is the true winner of the current structure of the European Union.

The question that the English have asked is that the European Union has done to improve the lives of its citizens, and the answer is that the European Union acted very badly against the economic crisis benefiting exclusively to Germany, the immigration policy is uncontrolled with An Islamic terrorism attacking throughout Europe, citizens are not affected by the Union’s policy, the opposite seems more bureaucracy. The European Union did absolutely nothing to prevent Russia’s attack on Ukraine and only worried that Russian natural gas would not stop coming to Germany. And finally the tax issue, the British have several overseas territories like Gibraltar, Virgin Islands, Isle of Man with a very advantageous taxation that the European Union does not want to recognize, but which for the British are totally legal.

So, that brings the European Union to the United Kingdom, because really nothing. Nothing more than what Switzerland, for example, has with a bilateral treaty with the European Union. And that is what the UK is seeking, a free trade agreement with the European Union, and thus have the free hands to negotiate trade agreements with the US and Asia that has many better influences than the European Union.

Will the UK decision be successful in choosing to leave the European Union? He has risks, of course. But if it achieves better economic progress in the short term than the European Union, this could be the beginning of the end of the Union.

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